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full range of air-conditioners londonCentral Ducted Air-Conditioning

Cooling via a choice of ceiling grilles via a central unit.

These units are either mounted in the ceiling space or under the floor, depending upon available room.  Insulated, flexible ducting transfers the conditioned air to grilles located discretely in several rooms, to give a constant, even temperature throughout the whole house.

Quiet and unobtrusive, the only visible components of this type of system are the supply and return grilles.  The grilles come in a range of types, colours and sizes to suit even the most discerning customer.

We can even combine fresh air ventilation with this system to provide a full climate control system that will heat, cool and dehumidify your entire house.

Multi Split Air-conditioning Systems

These systems allow the connection of two or more indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

The indoor units can be any combination of types (e.g. hi-walls, floor consoles, cassettes or bulkheads) and capacities depending on what is most suitable for each room.

The various indoor units may be switched on or off as desired and can have different temperature settings which allow you to adjust the temperature of each room as required

Multi systems are ideal for those who don’t want more than one outdoor unit and when individual room temperature control is desired.  Multi-systems are often suited to homes with more than one level.





These units are mounted high on the wall – taking up no floor space.  This is a simple and cost effective system commonly used for domestic and commercial applications where heating and cooling of one room is required.




These units are mounted low on the wall, either flush with or just above floor level.  They can be recessed into the wall cavity to give a shallow profile.  Neutral colours and modern design ensure they blend in with most decors.




Mounted in the ceiling space, with the fascia grille flush with the ceiling, these units are ideal where wall or floor space is at a premium or where there is limited space to run air ducts.  With up to four discharge louvres, they allow the air-flow pattern to be adjusted to suit most rooms.




These units are hidden away in a bulkhead or in a tight ceiling space, so all that is seen are the supply and return grilles which come in a variety of styles and colours to suit your decor.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioning units provide you with the flexibility of having cool air in the room you want.

In warm or humid weather, it becomes quite difficult to stay inside the office or at home without air-conditioning. You cannot work efficiently and so feel uncomfortable. Many people may have considered installing air conditioning but for the price conscious consumer, purchasing a centralised air conditioning system may be expensive. On the other hand, a portable air conditioner redefines the cooling experience with its incredible in built features. Such as oscillating louvers to turn the air flow in your direction and remote control to conveniently change the units setting

The main advantage of a portable air conditioner is that it is lightweight and portable, so with the help of the wheels attached to the portable air conditioner, you can easily manoeuvre the unit to any direction or room you want.

Portable air conditioning units are also powerful dehumidifiers. They are capable of removing the moisture from the air inside your room. Portable air conditioners are very convenient to use and they can be used in every room of your home due to their compressed size. If you want a convenient and inexpensive unit to cool your home, a portable air conditioning unit is the right choice for you.